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Nessa K

Nessa K Photography I’m so dang glad I found Plus Minus Collective! I’ve been shooting weddings full time for nearly 10 years and experience has shown me that 1) outsourcing any part of my business to save time is always a win and 2) I’m incredibly picky when it comes to editing and outsourcing that part of my work is terrifying. I never thought I’d find someone I trusted to take the reins on my editing, but I’ve found that here. Spending a half hour doing a quick pass through my edited wedding instead of two full days of work has been essential in getting all of my work delivered on time!

Kevin McGinn

Kevin McGinn Photographer I shoot over 55 weddings per year and before I started using Plus Minus Collective I was always struggling to meet deadlines to get wedding images back to my couples. To say that Jack and Matt from Plus Minus Collective have changed my work / life balance would be an understatement. I have been using Plus Minus Collective for all of my editing needs since April 2016 and will continue to for a very long time to come. The service they offer is professional, simple and it just works! I can now focus on doing what I do best - shooting weddings - knowing that I can ALWAYS deliver images to couples within the deadline. I will and have recommended Plus Minus Collective to any photographer looking to free up hours and hours of editing time.

Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans Photography Jack and Matt at Plus Minus Collective have been a life saver for me over the past 12 months. I was mentally exhausted and drowning in a back log of editing which was effecting my creativity at shoots and leaving me with zero time off. Now I feel refreshed and creative when shooting weddings and end up delivering a far better product to my couples. Plus Minus Collective take my edits 95% of the way, allowing me to fine tune the final product in no time at all. My love for wedding photography has returned which is incredible for myself, my friends and family, and of course for my couples.

Jonathan David

Jonathan David Photography The team at Plus Minus Collective have been a dream to work with from day one. Their personalised tailored editing service and incredible attention to detail mean that I can focus on providing my clients with an awesome experience. I have worked with them and built them into my workflow; this means I no longer have to sacrifice precious time with my family by slaving away in front of the computer. These guys understand photographers and always go the extra mile.

Jason Corroto

Jason Corroto Photo Plus Minus Collective is a game changer! Definitely something I hesitated with at first but once the boys knew my style, tones and look the process was a breeze.
Jack & Matt are so efficient in what they do. You can always rely on them to get back to you with emails, or sort out any technical issues or "how to” questions you may have. The other thing I love most is I still feel I have full control over my edits as I still get to cull my elect, apply my presets and convert my B&Ws.

Aden Priest

Aden Priest Photography A year back I started to struggle with my editing, not so much the skills, but the finding time. So much so, I decided it was the time to outsource my editing. I looked at so many different options online, but the majority of them were either far too expensive and not good enough quality, or subscription based and inflexible. The best thing about Plus Minus Collective is how easy everything is. I cull the wedding, export the smart previews and upload. PMC then handles the rest! Within a very short period I always have sample images right back to examine. They take their time to study how I edit and I very rarely have to make changes to the samples they send over. If I do make changes, it's for basic things they couldn't have possibly known and of course nothing is ever a problem. They are always friendly and cooperative. I now outsource a large majority of my weddings to them and you cannot tell the different between weddings edited by myself or them. I'm a UK based wedding photographer, so while I sleep Plus Minus Collective are awake editing for me. This gives me peace of mind as I know my business keeps operating even while I sleep. This stress-free process has freed up time to spend with my wife and son, and so even mid-wedding season in one of the busiest so far, I've more time on my hands to focus on the fun stuff. I am so thankful for finding Plus Minus Collective. If anyone contacts me about outsourcing editing I am forever recommending them. Thanks guys!

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