How much is your free time worth?


$0.35 AUD per image


+$0.10 RUSH edits

No minimum number of images required


$0.07 AUD per image

No minimum number of images and the cost includes the cull total (not target number)


We have clients from all different parts of the globe. It is important for us to know our costs and keep them consistent and fair for all of our clients. For this reason we offer our services in Australian Dollars (AUD).

We have included a currency calculator for you to convert the approximate cost of your edit and/or cull jobs into your chosen currency.

We have also populated a dynamic table with regular job totals and currencies for a quick check of approximate costs.



Regular Job Totals

500 Image Edit $175.00 $114.91 £91.52 €105.28 $189.96
800 Image Edit $280.00 $183.86 £146.43 €168.45 $303.93
2500 Image Cull $175.00 $114.91 £91.52 €105.28 $189.96
5000 Image Cull $350.00 $229.83 £183.03 €210.57 $379.92

New Client Incentive

For each new client we offer a 20% discount on your first three jobs with us!

We offer this incentive as a thank you for getting on board and giving our service a try. We also wanted to acknowledge the time and effort involved in the feedback process with us in the early days of working on your jobs.

We feel this is the creation of a wonderful working relationship and are excited to have you on board and working with us.

Referral Program

If you love what we do and want to tell your friends and industry colleagues…

We have set up a referral program for our clients. If your referred client completes their initial three (3) jobs with us (thanks to your referral); we will credit you $500.00 (AUD) to use on your next jobs with us! It is that simple (and thank you for supporting us!)

Terms And Conditions

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