We are a photo editing service that saves you time

It is time to let go. Achieve your best work/life balance and let someone else take care of the editing grunt work for your business.

We work with photographers from around the world in creating beautiful edits for them and their clients.

We have built a team that works closely with you to understand your work and deliver you results that match your photography and style.

Why? We see the benefit of saving you time so you can spend it on what is important to you.

Our Process

We have a 4 step process to help you get started with us.
We are here to help you through the steps and get to know you and your photography.


We provide a questionnaire to learn more about you, your photography + editing style. From there we will create notes and a style guide for you; giving us the ability to work on each set with the same stylistic approach.


We will create a PMC Client Folder for you on our shared Google Drive. Simply pick the files you want edited and then create a Lightroom Catalog with Smart Previews. Once prepared, zip the catalog file and upload to your personal Client Folder. If you need a hand, we have guides for this!


Once the order is placed we will complete a select sample edit from the uploaded catalog. This sample set is sent to you for feedback; we then work closely with you to make sure we are on the right track before starting the final edit.


Once we complete your edit we will send you the finished catalog file with notes about your edit. Simply load our catalog file and use our notes to add your final touches to the catalog before exporting for your clients.

Our Process


$0.35 AUD per image
(+$0.10 AUD for RUSH edits)

Flat Rate – No minimum amount of images

Culling $0.07 AUD
per culled image
Target Number: We work to an image count of your choosing

Pricing Info

Getting Started

Are you ready to outsource your editing and culling?

Click straight through to our questionnaire and we can start working with you today.

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Happy Clients

We work with amazing photographers from all around the world.
We really pride ourselves on building amazing relationships with our clients and catering to their needs.

Aden Priest

The best thing about Plus Minus Collective is how easy everything is. I cull the wedding, export the smart previews and upload. PMC then handles the rest!

Aden Priest

Jason Corroto Photo

Plus Minus Collective is a game changer! Definitely something I hesitated with at first but once the boys knew my style, tones and look the process was a breeze.

Jason Corroto

Jonathan David Photography

The team at Plus Minus Collective have been a dream to work with from day one. I have worked with them and built them into my workflow; this means I no longer have to sacrifice precious time with my family by slaving away in front of the computer.

Jonathan David

Nessa K Photography

I’m so dang glad I found Plus Minus Collective! I’ve been shooting weddings full time for nearly 10 years and I never thought I’d find someone I trusted to take the reins on my editing, but I've found that here.

Nessa K

Kevin McGinn

I shoot over 55 weddings per year and before I started using Plus Minus Collective I was always struggling to meet deadlines. Jack and Matt have changed my work / life balance completely and I can now focus on shooting weddings (what I do best!)

Kevin McGinn

Matthew Evans Photography

Jack and Matt at Plus Minus Collective have been a life saver for me. I was mentally exhausted and drowning in a back log of editing. This was affecting my creativity at shoots and leaving me with zero time off. Now I feel refreshed and creative when shooting weddings and I am delivering a far better product to my couples.

Matthew Evans

Our Happy Clients

About Us

Plus Minus Collective was founded by Jack Chauvel & Matthew Mead; two wedding photographers from Sydney, Australia.

After years of building our own respective businesses from the ground up, we decided to combine our shared knowledge and experience. Through time spent improving our own workflows, we launced PMC to help other photographers from around the world achieve the same results.

More about PMC


Any questions?

If you have any outsourcing related questions or would like us to explain the process before signing up then we’d love to hear from you.

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