All of the answers to the common questions about using our service

General Service Questions

1. What is the service you offer?

We offer digital culling and editing for photographers around the world. We work with you to get to know your editing style and needs for outsourcing.

2. What is the real price?

$0.28 AUD per image for editing and $0.05 AUD per image for culling. If you are an Australian business this is excluding GST.

For international customers we simply require payment in AUD and you can find a currency conversion table and converter on our pricing page here.

3. What payment methods do you accept?

We currently invoice from Xero and accept payments via Stripe.

4. I'm not based in Australia, is your service available for international customers?

Yes, we service clients from all around the world.

5. What does the 'edit' include?

Our base edit includes all minor adjustments as to your taste/requirements and are limited to;

White Balance/Temperature/Tint

Further customization as per client requests is available, such as uniform Noise Reduction, Sharpening or Clarity across a set of images (if predetermined values are set). We find this is more a personal preference and perhaps better implemented once you receive the edited set back from us.

6. What does the 'edit' exclude?

Our service focuses on understanding your style and helping you achieve a consistent and complete edit across all of your images. We do this by working with you, and also advising you on the best method in achieving this.

If your edits require more specific editing such as curves, levels, colour adjustments, cloning, dodge/burn or other heavy editing tools then this is working more towards image retouching.

Whilst we are not an image retouching service, we can make arrangements and cater for specific editing requests. Simply email hello@plusminuscollective.com to discuss further.

7. Do you offer a 'Culling' service?

Yes we do! We have been doing culls for clients since the very beginning, we just wanted to make sure our processes were perfect before offering it publicly.

We can cull any number of images, the rate is $0.05 AUD (+GST where applicable) per image. We use a flagging system in Adobe Lightroom to highlight the rejects, good photos and final picks and work to the number of images you give us. If you are interested in giving this a try, we offer 20% off your first culling job.

8. Can you do more outside of the included 'edit' (such as retouching or album design)?

At this point in time we are not offering any high end retouching or album design services. However these are services we have done from time to time and can assist as required. Simply email hello@plusminuscollective.com to discuss further.

9. What is the turnaround time?

We aim to have all jobs completed and delivered within 10 business days of payment. If the timeline looks to extend beyond this we will contact and discuss with you directly.

10. Is there a minimum or maximum amount of images?

There is no minimum or maximum number of images. For larger jobs (culls in excess of 5000 images, and edits in excess of 1200 images) we will discuss the turnaround times with you on a job-by-job basis.

11. How do you get to know my 'style'?

This begins with the first questionnaire we send where we find out more about you, your photography and your editing style. This is ongoing process continues with a review of a sample catalog of your completed work so we can begin to build a profile of your editing style. From there we request feedback for each job we complete for you so we can continue to dial in your editing style.

12. What if the 'edit' isn't what I expected?

This is a two way relationship in being able to communicate what is good and what needs improvement. The aim of our editing and culling service is to learn your editing style and improve upon each and every job we do for you.

If you are unhappy with the edit we have completed for you, we aim to re-edit and rectify the issues within 48 hours. We do ask that if this was to occur that we work together in achieving the best result and learn from the experience by putting the feedback and results back into the next job.

13. What if I need something changed?

We will fix any issue in a returned catalog. We aim to have these back to you within 48 hours. The more specific the issue, the better in regards to us being able to get it as close to perfect as possible.

14. What is the general process from start to finish of sending a job to be completed?

The process begins with you culling what you want edited, and creating a smart preview catalog. You then upload this catalog to your Dropbox/file sharing service so we can download. Once it is ready for us to download, you simply send us the download link and let us know the number of images.

Soon after this you will receive an invoice and once paid, the editing will begin. If you request a sample from the catalog (before the whole job is complete) it will be provided to you within 48 hours of the job starting.

From there, feedback can be received and the remainder of the editing process can take place. Once complete, the return catalog is uploaded on our end and you are provided a download link.

Technical Questions

1. Are there any technical requirements to use your service?

Yes. You must be able to create a Lightroom catalog with Smart Previews and upload to a PMC Client folder that we will share with you.

This means having a computer or laptop running Windows or OSX with Adobe Lightroom 5, 6 or CC installed.

Due to size and process reasons, we require you to use a new catalog for each job.

We are happy to help you throughout the process so please consult us if you are unsure.

2. How do I prepare my files to send to you?

Follow the process of creating Smart Previews on your selected catalog (if you do not know how, please view our How To Guides). Once the catalog is ready, you need to zip the .lrcat file along with the Smart Previews folder (this is within the main catalog folder).

3. The catalog I want to upload is very large, how can I make it smaller to upload?

The easiest way to reduce the file size is to use a program to zip/compress the catalog file and smart previews folder. There are a few free options that you can find here; *link to zip programs*

4. How do I upload my files to you?

We currently share with you a PMC Client Folder through the Google Drive service. In the future we may offer additional methods of uploading to us. If you are already using another service, please let us know and we can potentially make an arrangement.

5. How can I download finished work?

We will give you a Google Drive link to download the completed catalog from. This will be available through your PMC Client Folder on Google Drive that you set up when you sign up with us. We will keep completed jobs in the cloud for 1 month, but they may be removed after this (to avoid having your account run out of space) so you should make sure you keep a backup once you have downloaded the catalog if necessary.

6. I use Photoshop for my editing, can I still use your service?

You can still use our service if you send us Adobe Lightroom catalogs to work from. After you receive the completed edit, you can then batch this or work on them in Photoshop as you wish. Otherwise we have no plans on expanding to Adobe Photoshop editing at this point in time.

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