About Us

The story behind PMC

We are a digital editing service that takes the grunt work out of your editing.

It is time to let go, and let someone else take care of the grunt work of editing for your business. You still have full creative licence, but we are able to balance a catalog of images from start to finish and give you the time to put back into your work/life balance.

Plus Minus Collective was started after two wedding photographers came together to better their own workflow. We spent a long time looking at where we invest too much time, and how we could potentially save it. Why? We see the benefit of saving time so you can put it back into other areas of your business, or simply for achieving a better work/personal life balance. For those that spend a lot of time shooting, editing, meeting and delivering.. you know how time consuming the whole process is. There is a reason however, and that is because the business is you and what you deliver is essentially one of your greatest assets.

Our service isn’t here to try and replace you. It is simply trying to give some time back to you, by taking over some of the laborious work that every photographer (and especially wedding photographers) encounters. We aim to do this by balancing your catalogs of images from start to finish. So what is this exactly? It is the simplest of editing tasks, but the most time consuming. We focus on editing to a style, by getting to know you better and working towards the common result you are after. This is balancing white balance and exposure across different scenes and lighting scenarios as a base. From there we can do another minor adjustments (contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks etc) and image cropping (mainly straightening of images) as required (or desired).

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