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How to Correctly Name your Editing and Culling Jobs

We use the same job naming format for all of our outsourcing clients and jobs. This helps us keep track of each job in our system; as well as prioritise jobs when clients submit multiple jobs in a short period of time. The format incorporates your 'PMC Client Number' that…

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Getting Started with PMC

We are Happy to have you Onboard!   The setup is straight forward but the overall process of getting started will take a little adjustment to your work flow. We recommend you read the following guides first; 1. How to Setup your Google Drive Folder 2. How to Prepare your Adobe Lightroom Catalog…

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How to Create Smart Previews in Adobe Lightroom

A core part of our business is the ability to be able to easily edit photos from photographers all over the world. The hardest part of this is the actual size of a large number of images and internet speeds in being able to upload/download. Thankfully this has changed as internet…

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How to Setup Google Drive

In the 'How To Guide' below we detail how to 'Setup Google Drive and a PMC Client Folder'. This enables  you to easily share files with many different users (whether it be clients or vendors). Our clients use Google Drive to send their 'Outsourced Editing' to us, and we deliver…

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