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Getting Started with PMC

13 August 2018

We are Happy to have you Onboard!


The setup is straight forward but the overall process of getting started will take a little adjustment to your work flow. We recommend you read the following guides first;

1. How to Setup your Google Drive Folder

2. How to Prepare your Adobe Lightroom Catalog for Editing

What You Need

We have spent a long time working out the best way to get started with new members and so the list is pretty short!

  • A Google Drive Account (A Guide to Setting up Google Drive)
  • Adobe Lightroom 5, 6 or CC.
  • At least one sample catalog (preferably a wedding) for us to study and use as a style reference for your work.
  • A quality internet connection (for uploading/downloading files)

The Steps

It is simple to get started with us, you might already understand/know the process and have the established accounts. Below is a quick step by step guide to getting started with us.

    1. Head to our ‘Get Started’ page and fill out the form. It will guide you to the next steps!
    2. You will receive a ‘Welcome Email’ from us with information for you and the next steps (Includes a longer questionnaire)
    3. Familiarize yourself with Smart Previews and preparing your Lightroom Catalogs with our How To Guide – PMC Smart Preview Guide
    4. Prepare your Sample Catalog(s) for us of a completed wedding you have edited recently and are stoked with! which we can then use as a references for your style.
    5. Make sure you properly name the catalog with our naming format (YourClientNumber-JobDate-ClientNames) and zip the files!
    6. Upload this to the ‘Samples’ folder in your PMC Client Folder. Feel free to upload as many samples as you wish. We study each sample catalog to study how you edit and make notes. This helps us get to know your style faster!
    7. Once done, we are ready for your first job(s). Prepare & Upload your first job/catalog to your PMC Client Folder.
    8. Once uploaded, use our New Job Form to submit the new job to us.
    9. Pay the Invoice we send to you, once paid we will start editing your first job (we wont start editing until payment has been received).
    10. We will edit a sample set of the catalog and send it back for your feedback! We always flag the samples GREEN & 1 STAR. You will find sample catalogs in your ‘In Progress’ folder.
    11. Once we receive feedback from you we will continue on with the final edit!
    12. Once ready we will email you a link to the job (although you can always find the finished jobs in your ‘Completed’ folder with some notes  about the edit!


Do not forget that your first 3 catalogs with us are discounted by 20% as a thank you for getting on board. You will see this discount already applied on the invoices you receive from us.

If you have any troubles with the above process we have our FAQ page located here –

We have also created some How To Guides which are located here –

Please email if you have any problems with the process listed above.

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