Our Process


Introduction + Style

We have a number of ways to fully understand your editing style. The best way is to send us, using Smart Previews, 3 different weddings that you have already edited. We will review the way you edit and build a style guide for you. If you prefer, we will check out current work on your website as soon as you make your initial contact. We can also provide sample edits of 30-50 raw files and fine tune your style from these.


Preparation + Upload

We have a very simple system. You pick the files you want edited and create a Lightroom Catalog with Smart Previews of each file. Once prepared, zip the catalog file with Smart Previews, and get ready to send the file to us.

Upload your zipped catalog to our Google Drive Account (Click here if you do not have one).

In order to use the Smart Preview technology, you need Lightroom 5 or Lightroom CC. This allows you to send raw files at a more manageable file size.



Order + Feedback

If desired, we can provide a Sample selection from each catalog uploaded which will show the editing approach to the images. You can then give feedback on the look and feel, and we can take that into account when editing the rest of the catalog. Why? We appreciate that every shoot is different and sometimes you might shoot for a specific light or feel.

Once feedback has been received, we will complete the entire catalog within 10 business days and prepare it for you to download.


Download + Deliver

Once we have edited and carefully checked the catalog, we will prepare it for download from our Google Drive account and once it is ready, we will send the link. At this point you will be downloading the completed LR Catalog (.lrcat) file. We suggest that you make a new folder on your computer and move the original catalog into it. Unless you have moved them, you will be able to open the catalog normally. It should point to your stored RAW files.

We recommend that you look through and make sure the catalog matches desired result. You may want to render the image previews again (we personally render 1:1) so it is easy to go back and put the finishing touches on the images before delivering them to your client.


The Importance of Feedback

This is one of the most important parts of the process!, feedback will ensure we can give you the best and most accurate results, everytime. Everyone has a personal taste and look they go for. We try our best to get this right, but believe communication is vital to getting it right!

We have set up a form HERE to provide feedback.

Please make sure you include your name & job number so we can use the information to it’s full potential.

Ready to Get Started?

If this sounds like what you are looking for, head to http://www.plusminuscollective.com/getting-started/ and follow the steps to get on board.