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In the ‘How To Guide’ below we detail how to setup Google Drive and a PMC Client Folder. This enables  you to easily share files with many different users (whether it be clients or vendors). Our clients use Google Drive to send their outsourced editing to us, and we deliver the completed jobs back via Google Drive.  We have embedded a video version, and included a written version below (in case you have trouble viewing the video).



To start with, to use our services you will need to have a Google Drive account, which you can create (if you do not already have one). This is part of our process, but please contact us if you have issues using Google Drive.

  1. Head to and Select ‘Download’ from the top menu
  2. Once you have Downloaded & Installed Google Drive, email and notifiy us which email you have used for your Google Drive account.
  3. We will then set up a ‘Shared’ folder for you on our PMC Google Drive account. Why? It means that when you upload a job to PMC it will automatically ‘sync’ with our Google Drive account.
  4. Once you have provided us with your email, you will receive an ‘Invitation Email’ from PMC which you will need to accept. You can do this by opening the email and clicking the ‘Open’ link provided inside.
  5. The Google Drive weblink will load once the link is clicked, and it will show the contents of your ‘Client Folder’. This includes 1. Samples, 2. Uploaded and 3. Completed (you will also find The Need to Know.pdf information document). We shall expand on this ‘Client Folder’ in a later guide, but it will be where you upload, download and provide sample files to us.
  6. In order to ‘add’ this folder to your own Google Drive, you will need to click the ‘Add To Drive’ button on the top right side of the screen. (Note: Very important step)
  7. Now that is complete, your ‘Client Folder’ will now be visible on both the website and desktop versions of Google Drive
  8. You are now setup to be able to upload your sample catalogs and first jobs to PMC

If you have any trouble with signing up, adding the Google Drive folder or access please email us at